Facts & figures

An overview of the most important data

A company's business figures are a reflection of its success. That applies to BIB too. But the numbers alone don't give you a complete picture. We do more than numbers can show. We want to tell you about these facts too. Here is an overview of the most important facts and figures for BIB.


Cooperative founded 1966          
Employees 159  
Clients 16,135  
Members 4,679  


  As of: 31.12.2020
As of: 31.12.2021
Business volume 5,455 Mio. Euro 5,855 Mio. Euro
Total assets 5,326 Mio. Euro 5,673 Mio. Euro
Payables to clients and debts evidenced by certificates
3,473 Mio. Euro 3,718 Mio. Euro
Receivables from clients 3,707 Mio. Euro 3,966 Mio. Euro
Own investments 1,575 Mio. Euro 1,660 Mio. Euro
Balance sheet equity capital 210 Mio. Euro 216 Mio. Euro