Our mission statement

1. We are more than a bank

We take economic, social and ecological responsibility. Tolerance and strong Christian values have been the basis of our sustainable approach ever since we were founded.

2. We act with the future in mind

In an ever-changing world, we aim to provide high-quality, contemporary, innovative and sustainable solutions. We strengthen our market position by taking forward-thinking action and continually evolving.

3. We are a fair and reliable partner

We believe honesty, transparency and appreciation are the foundation of collaboration based on mutual trust.

4. We support a solution-oriented approach

We aim to provide impressive, individual solutions. We are reliable, committed and reflect on our actions.

5. We foster a culture of encouragement and challenges, of trust and confidence

The satisfaction of our employees is crucial for our continued development. We provide targeted personal and professional training to help them develop their skills.

6. We see ourselves as a team

We foster an active feedback culture which values every employee’s opinion and encourage each of them to make an individual contribution. We achieve our goals together by establishing a trusting and cooperative environment. We communicate honestly and with mutual respect.