Our mission statement

Reliable action and commitment to the future

Unsere Überzeugung

Mit unserem FAIR BANKING stehen wir für eine sozial-ökologische Kapitalmarktkultur, die Ethik und Rendite miteinander verbindet.

Our clients set the standards for our actions

We are a financial service provider for churches, social economy, foundations, relief organisations and anyone who shares our vision for a fair and peaceful world. Our actions are based on our clients' expectations.

We are a fair partner to our clients

We aim to develop open, honest and fair business partnerships with our clients so that together we can create innovative and forward-looking solutions for their financial affairs. As a fair partner, we offer attractive rates of interest, reasonably priced services and personal advice and support, all based on mutual trust.

We use active client management to find the right flexible and individual solutions for our clients

We are dedicated to personal contact with our clients. Active client management both at local level and outside the bank's business premises help intensify our relations with our clients. Our needs-driven service is based on the expectations of our clients.

We strengthen and expand our position in the market by attracting new clients and intensifying existing business relations

We tackle the ongoing challenges of the market with our great services and commitment. Our thoughts and actions focus on the present and the future. We know that attracting potential clients and looking after existing clients can offer us new opportunities and points of view for our market.

We sustain and increase our competitiveness every day

We offer our clients a service package tailored to their current needs. We are constantly updating and optimising our range of services.

Transparent and reliable services with great cost benefits

Our range of services is always current and attractive. They form the ideal basis for our clients to make rational decisions.

Our financial services and support for church and charitable organisations help us make a significant contribution to fulfilling the mission of the Christian church

Our mission is to provide financial support for our members and clients. We fulfil this mission by offering a range of high-quality financial services with favourable terms. We support church and charitable actions.

Member satisfaction is a vital prerequisite for client satisfaction

Optimum working conditions help us achieve this aim. Every successful contribution made to the overall performance of the bank increases the motivation and satisfaction of our employees. This helps us make a positive impression on clients, increasing the attractiveness of our company and securing both the bank's profitability and the jobs of all our employees.

The personal motivation of every employees contributes to the creation of a competent, flexible profile for the bank overall

Our clients have very different requirement levels. The main focus is on individuality. We attract and keep our clients with expert advice tailored to their needs. We create trust, as our actions are fully transparent for our clients. We ensure that we are visible to clients by arranging personal meetings and attending various important events. We are flexible when it comes to arranging meetings.

Team spirit and good communication ensure that we achieve our aims

We create communication transparency. We help each other and exchange experiences and information Our cooperation and teamwork is characterised by mutual trust, respect, acceptance and tolerance. Our team spirit is further boosted by an ability to give and receive criticism and to discuss matters rationally. It is only through balanced dialogue that we can learn and understand. Together we are strong. The bank's overall performance is only as good as that of each employee. We can only guarantee that we will achieve our aims if we work together.

We want to get better every day

We offer our clients a high level of expertise. The commitment of our friendly, helpful and smartly dressed employees also sets us apart. We are motivated by market requirements. Our future is assured thanks to our readiness to learn and develop. The creativeness of every individual benefits us all. We want to take responsibility. Our in-house management style keeps our feet on the ground. Success and recognition motivate us and make us strong.