Our executive bodies and committees

Management Board, Supervisory Board and General Meeting

The main bodies of a cooperative bank are the Management Board, Supervisory Board and the General Meeting. Find out more about the people involved.

Management Board

We lead the way to success

The BIB Management Board consist of three members appointed by the Supervisory Board. They lead the bank on their own authority, represent the bank externally and manage the business. The Management Board is answerable to the Supervisory Board and the members of the bank.

Members of the Management Board

Dr. Peter Güllmann (Spokesperson for the Management Board), Christian Kastens and Manfred Sonnenschein

Supervisory Board

We monitor the success

The Supervisory Board is appointed by the General Meeting. It oversees the management role exercised by the Management Board and monitors operating results. The Supervisory Board also reports to the General Meeting once a year about the annual financial statements and the corresponding audit.

The members of the Supervisory Board

  • Chairman: Ass. jur. Ludger Krösmann
  • Father Dr. Michael Baumbach MSF
  • Henrike Berger
  • Ute Berghaus
  • Ralf Heynck
  • Dr. Heinz Joachim Koch
  • Michael Neuhaus

General Meeting

Members have their say

As a member, you can play an active part in the BIB democratic decision-making process. Each member in the General Meeting has a vote, irrespective of how many shares they have.

Tasks of the General Meeting

The General Meeting of members is the central decision-making body of the bank. The Management Board and Supervisory Board give an account of their work to the General Meeting. The Meeting confirms the annual financial statement and decides how the annual surplus should be used. It also decides on the final discharge of the Supervisory Board and Management Board. The Supervisory Board is appointed from the ranks of the General Meeting.

The next General Meeting will take place on 11 June 2024.