Become a member

Benefit from the cooperative business model

You may have noticed the letters "eG" after our name. This abbreviation stands for "eingetragene Genossenschaft" or "registered cooperative". This is a legal form based on membership.


Who can become a member?

The articles of association specify who can become a member.

(1) The following are eligible for membership:
a) legal persons or partnerships who serve the mission of the Christian churches in the broadest sense, namely parishes, parish associations, regional administration unions, associations with legal personality, church organisations and institutions, institutions with legal personality, corporations, foundations, religious orders and companies:
b) natural persons who are in full-time employment or voluntary posts with one of the bodies specified in a), as well as the members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board and the employees of BANK IM BISTUM ESSEN eG, Essen and their spouses and children.

What basis is used for calculating the dividend amount per share?

The dividend amount depends on the decision made by the General Meeting and whether an annual surplus has been achieved.

How often are General Meetings held and do I have to vote?

A General Meeting is usually held once a year. You do not have to vote.